Bulk remove non-English Management Packs from OpsMgr 2012R2

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I’ve been taking some time to learn some of the System Center tools, and recently I’ve installed an Operations Manager (SCOM) instance to use for monitoring in my environment.

Being the numb-skull I am, the first task I took it to myself to complete, was to download some management packs. Well, if your a veteran to this, you’re probably saying, “what a dummy” he downloaded the entire group.. and I reply to you, “yep”, I sure did.

If you don’t know, or are not acquainted with what I am talking about, while importing management packs, under each of the group headings, could be dozens or more, of sub-packs, which may or may not be English.

Still no idea, here, let me share a picture.
Management Packs

As you can see, these are organized by product, and then further organized, so on and so forth..
Like the big dummy I am, I selected the headers for each of the top level items I was interested in, which left me with hundreds of non-English management packs installed into my console.

Removing these from the GUI, can only be accomplished 1 at a time! *groan*

Here comes PowerShell to save the day!!
With a quick command, you can quickly remove all of those management packs not in your native language.

Get-SCOMManagementPack | where{$_.defaultlanguagecode -notlike β€œENU”} | Remove-SCOMManagementPack

I will take a moment to CAUTION you on the usage of this command: Do not use this in a production environment without fully insuring that this command is correctly entered. If done incorrectly, it could remove all management packs from the environment! YIKES!
Consider yourself warned!

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