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Today, while trying to add my linux servers to my new SCOM 2016 environment, I ran into an interesting issue. When deploying the agent to my CentOS 6.8 server, all was going fine, then suddenly *holy drama!* – the agent …

SCOM 2016 – Linux Agent Deployment “Signed certificate verification operation was not successful” Read More »

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This article briefly describes the process of installing the VMWare tools on CentOS 6.5. It is important that you install VMware Tools in the guest operating system because the VM will have significantly faster performance, time synchronization, and other enhanced features. Below …

Install VMware Tools on CentOS 6.5 Read More »

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LAMP is a acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. In this very first tutorial on my blog, I will walk through the steps on how to install LAMP server in CentOS 6.4. For the sake of installation information, and to rule …

Install LAMP server in CentOS 6.4 Read More »

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